KDaLe Home Brew Competition Winners on Tap!


The winners of the KDaLe Home Brew Competition will also be on tap, as brewed by Gravel Bottom Brewing, Railtown Brewing and Pike 51. More than 40 book-inspired entries were submitted to the competition. Taste all the entries was tough and thirsty work, but someone had to do it! The panel of judges included brewers, executive chefs and KDL staff. Quench your thirst with any of these winners:

Lev’s Sustaining Rye

  • Brewer: Patrick Lickiss (brewed for Super Party Wonder Day by Railtown)
  • Beer: Rye IPA
  • Book: Inspired by City of Thieves, by David Benioff

Harry Porter and the Goblet of French Toast

  • Brewer: John Britt (brewed for Super Party Wonder Day by Pike 51)
  • Beer: American Porter/American Stout
  • Book: Inspired by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J.K. Rowling

Heart of Darkness

  • Brewer: Craig Folger (brewed for Super Party Wonder Day by Gravel Bottom)
  • Beer: Belgian Strong Ale
  • Book: Inspired by Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

In addition to the home brew competition winners, enjoy beverages from:



Begin (or continue) Your KDaLe Quest


Fans of our KDaLe brewing program series now have a new mission: Earn an exclusive KDaLe T-shirt by completing the KDaLe Quest. Attend our brewery tours, programs, a tap takeover and more for the ultimate brewery experience.

Complete KDaLe Quest by collecting five stamps. Show your stamps at any KDL branch to receive your exclusive KDaLe T-shirt.

Want to chance to earn a mega prize? Earn 15 stamps and attend Super Party Wonder Day on Sunday, Aug. 5, when we’ll do a drawing for mega prize winners.

The deadline to complete KDaLe Quest is Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. Details and KDaLe Quest guides are at all KDL branches and at Super Party Wonder Day.

The Quest is for ages 21 and over.


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